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Shopify Store Setup Service

If you’re looking for a way to sell your products online, Shopify might be the platform of choice. However if this is something new and unfamiliar then there will most likely come some challenges along with it that can make or break any business idea before it even gets off its feet; luckily though we here at New Horizon Digital offer full support services tailored specifically toward helping entrepreneurs succeed using our favorite ecommerce system!

Here at New Horizon Digital, we have a team of Shopify Experts ready to help you with your online store. Our Shopify Store Setup Services provides all the support from initial store setup to support once your store is live! Getting your store setup with our team is a three step process with milestones within each step to ensure your site is setup the right way.

Shopify Store Roadmap Service

When you start your Shopify journey, it can be overwhelming to think about where the store should go in terms of design and marketing. Our Roadmapping Service helps with planning for both short-term needs as well as long term goals so that nothing falls through the cracks!

Step 1: Outlining your Objectives

When you work with us, we always start by giving your objectives and focuses for the Shopify store setup. Every element of it can be built around these goals so it’s important that our approach in this process has both organisation as well as full framework to make sure everything will go smoothly down the line!

We understand that clear objectives help create a smooth Shopify store setup and if you don’t have these, we’ll provide them for your during your consultation phase. Fortunately at New Horizon Digital our team of experts have been through this process many times and will support to get your goals in line prior to your site setup.

Step 2: Roadmap Call

We work with clients to create a unique design that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Our Shopify Experts will guide you through the entire process from beginning until completion, including navigation design, function, content customization, optional function app and development of the trust factors to improve your site!

By roadmapping your ideas you are able to take them from concept to a logical, easy to follow plan that can be used throughout the design, build and launch phases of your site. This process will help you take a concept into a structured, clearly defined path for your websites development. The team at New Horizon Digital will help you develop this plan to ensure our design team are moving in the right direction based on your vision.

Step 3: Roadmap Report

The roadmapping report pulls everything from step one and two together in one place. This report allows the design team to develop your vision in phase two, the Shopify Store Setup. The report includes the following information:

  • Navigational structure for your store.
  • Collections that are required for your products.
  • Brand guidelines including fonts, colours, and design considerations.
  • Recommended and required custom apps to allow your store to function the approproiately.
  • A full menu of Shopify store setup options that your design consultant proposes at a variety of budget levels, based on your objectives.

Shopify Store Setup

Every client we have completed the Shopify Road Mapping service with has gone on to the Shopify Store Setup phase with us at New Horizon Digital. If you choose to move onto the Shopify Store Setup phase we will complete 4 steps with you. Onboarding, Basic Design Concepts, Store Customisation and Store Testing.

Step 4: Onboarding

When you’re ready to take your business online, we have the perfect solution. Our Shopify store setup process is designed with input from all aspects of a brand so that it reflects their personality and tone in every detail; this ensures an authentic customer experience on both sides – which leads directly back into increased conversion rates!

We also offer copywriting services if desired by our clients who want store content that represents their brand in the right way.

Step 5: Basic Site Design Concept

When we’ve collected all of our information, the design process starts. First principles are established like headers and pages which will be used throughout your website; this means everything from logos to color schemes!

After these basic designs have been completed for each element on-site (such as collections), you can move onto designing specific features that go into making up how a product is display. An example of this is how a product with a large description displays compaired with products with limited content. This will also include how product variations such as size and colour are displayed for the end user.

Step 6: Customisation

The customisation of a store is an important aspect that many clients neglect. To help them realise their ideas, we ask for feedback from our customers on what they would like to see in the design and how it can be improved upon during this stage alone! This gives both parties valuable insight into one another’s thoughts which leads towards more successful projects overall.

Step 7: Store Testing

The site is thoroughly tested before release. We use multiple devices and browsers to ensure functionality, usability – all 100% correct on launch day! Clients are given access so they can conduct their own testing too; adding even more peace of mind for you as our customer.

Customer user experience is key to a high converting Shopify store. During the testing phase both the design team and you and your team will run through the process from start to finish ensuring the site is smooth and easy to use. This phase is crucial and is your time to ensure the specifications of the roadmap have been met to your satisfaction.

Shopify Store Launch

Happy customers are our priority. So, when you launch your store with us we want it to be a success from start-to-finish!

We know that every project has its own challenges and obstacles, but working together means getting through them prior to your site launch – so don’t worry about anything because we’ve got this under control.

Step 8: Store Handover

Before your site launches we provide training calls and resources that can be used repeatedly while you learn to manage your store. Don’t worry, we are here to support you long after your store goes live.

Launch day is finally here! The store has been prepared, all of your products are in stock and ready to go live when you say so. This means it’s time for one last check before we let everything loose on the internet- this will make sure everything runs smoothly during launch week.

Step 9: Post Launch Support

We know you want the best for your website, which is why we’re here to help make sure it lives up to all of its potential. Whether in need of tweaks or questions about how certain things work on our end – just let us know how we can help.

Step 10: Long Term Relationship

We are passionate at New horizon digital about building long term relationships, and we hope that you will be too! When working with us on your Shopify store setup don’t forget to take a look at the SOFineArt Project here are read Sandra’s review, she has provided an excellent review along side 20 other reviews from clients who were happy after using our services.