William Sheppard

William Sheppard Design & Decor is an interior design and restoration company based in the West Midlands that offers exceptionally high level of detail for every restoration and decorating project they complete.

About The Project

William Sheppard Design & Decor is owned and operated by Will. He had an existing website that looked great, but was not ranking for any of the services he offered. The site had pages with content that didn’t match the subject of the page. One of his major concerns was that the company over promised during the sales process and under delivered once the site was live, even though there were clear errors on the site.

Project Goals

website | Graphics | Copywriting | SEO

This project was all about ensuring brand continuity. Will has an attention to detail with colour palletes, layout and design, so extra time was given in this area. The aim was to run the project over two phases, the initial rebuild to improve site structure but importantly give him the room to add the unique services his company offers in phase 2. This phase is where the SEO strategy comes into play, ensuring that each service ranks for on Google in his region.

Ensure brand identity is preserved
Build a mobile optimised website
Organic SEO for increased Google rank placement
Create custom graphics for web and social media

Beautiful Design


The primary challenge was to ensure that the high profile projects Will and his team developed outlined the projects in detail. The projects are key to new business generation, so additional time was spent on this area. It was also essential that new images were simple for Will to display in a gallery. This was delivered by an Instagram feed which meant his favourite social media platform was used to upload images to, removing the need to learn how to update the website directly.

It was also esssential that clients understand what services WS Design & Decor offer. The existing website made it appear that the team only focused on restoration. This is part of their offering. A Services section was added during phase 1 gave Will the chance to promote services easier to new and existing clients.

The Results

Generating More Leads

The website was launched in February 2022 within 6 weeks of running through the Website Roadmapping Service. We migrated his email to self managing through Google Workspace and now have the domain, the website is hosted with our service provider and we now provide domain management with his web hosting as part of his package.

Phase 1 of the project now provides all the services his business offers available for his clients to view online. His projects each have a dedicated page with the top photos from the project included on the poroject page. We have implemented the Instagram feed onto the Gallery page to allow for simple gallery updates.

Phase 2 of the project is underway and includes development of single service pages which are keyword optimised for the service and locations required. This part of the development will roll out on a monthly basis with monthly SEO reports to outline the keyword progress for his website.